F# MVC for WPF

The F# MVC for WPF library can be installed from NuGet:
PM> Install-Package FSharp.Desktop.UI -Pre


This library largely based on my series. An upcoming (as of July 2014) book "F# deep dives" has dedicated chapter #7 on slightly simplified version of the library. It includes real-world sample application and walk-through on the library implementation. I encourage everyone to buy the book. It is great source of collective knowledge from different F# experts.
If you want to go deeper read the series. The packaged library has minor differences from the series but overall content is still completely relevant.

Primary focus of this documentation is to provide hands-on tutorial on building WPF application using the library. For implementation details read source code and walk through the learning series.


Note on tutorials

All tutorials try to strike a right balance between simplicity and proper coverage of real-world scenarios. Provide feedback if something important is missing.

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