Namespace: FSharpx.Collections.Experimental

Functions and values

Function or valueDescription
createForest root children sibling
Signature: root:'T -> children:BinaryRoseTree<'T> -> sibling:BinaryRoseTree<'T> -> BinaryRoseTree<'T>
Type parameters: 'T
createTree root children
Signature: root:'T -> children:BinaryRoseTree<'T> -> BinaryRoseTree<'T>
Type parameters: 'T
Signature: BinaryRoseTree<'?14081>
Type parameters: '?14081
map f tree
Signature: f:('?14089 -> '?14090) -> tree:BinaryRoseTree<'?14089> -> BinaryRoseTree<'?14090>
Type parameters: '?14089, '?14090
ofSeq xs
Signature: xs:seq<obj> -> BinaryRoseTree<obj>

loads from sequences of objects and sequences of objects, assumed to be well-constructed elements in final tree will be objects, regardless of original type

postOrder x
Signature: x:BinaryRoseTree<'?14094> -> seq<'?14094>
Type parameters: '?14094
preOrder x
Signature: x:BinaryRoseTree<'?14092> -> seq<'?14092>
Type parameters: '?14092
singleton root
Signature: root:'?14083 -> BinaryRoseTree<'?14083>
Type parameters: '?14083
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