Namespace: FSharpx.Collections.Experimental

ListZipper original implementation taken from http://learnyouahaskell.com/zippers

Nested types and modules


A zipper for lists

Functions and values

Function or valueDescription
back zipper
Signature: zipper:ListZipper<'?12889> -> ListZipper<'?12889>
Type parameters: '?12889

Moves the zipper backwards

focus zipper
Signature: zipper:ListZipper<'?12883> -> '?12883
Type parameters: '?12883

Returns the head element from the list under focus

forward zipper
Signature: zipper:ListZipper<'?12887> -> ListZipper<'?12887>
Type parameters: '?12887

Moves the zipper forward

front zipper
Signature: zipper:ListZipper<'?12891> -> ListZipper<'?12891>
Type parameters: '?12891

Moves the zipper to the front

getList zipper
Signature: zipper:ListZipper<'?12895> -> '?12895 list
Type parameters: '?12895

Returns the whole list from the zipper

modify newElement zipper
Signature: newElement:'?12885 -> zipper:ListZipper<'?12885> -> ListZipper<'?12885>
Type parameters: '?12885

Changes the element under the focus

zipper list
Signature: list:'?12893 list -> ListZipper<'?12893>
Type parameters: '?12893

Creates a list zipper

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