What is Projekt?

Projekt is a tool for generating and managing F# project (.fsproj) files, designed to be used with lightweight text editors. There are two reasons for using .fsproj files in your F# development:

  1. Visual Studio and Xamarin Studio/Monodevelop both use this project format. If you are interested in working with others, or making your project easy to approach, then this is the way to go.

  2. All intellisense tools for F# currently require an .fsproj file as a basis for describing the project. This isn't a fundamental limitation, but this is how FSharp.Compiler.Service currently works.

How to get Projekt

Projekt is currently available as a download from

Getting Started

As this tool is designed to be integrated with editors, this documentation is intended for developers. To start using the tool, either:

  1. Clone the source and build with build.cmd (Windows) or (Unix), or
  2. Download the latest release archive.

Projekt is intended to be invoked from the command line, and has a number of 'subcommands', much like Git or Paket. All commands except version expect an .fsproj file to be passed as the first argument, and any that manipulate the F# source files and project file referenced by the .fsproj file also require a second argument. The help text below lists the commands and the various command-specific arguments.

projekt (init|reference|movefile|addfile|delfile|version) /path/to/project [/path/to/(file|project)]

        --template <string>: init -- specify the template (library|console) [default: library]
        --frameworkversion [-fxv] <string>: init -- specify the framework version (4.0|4.5|4.5.1) [default: 4.5]
        --organisation <string>: init -- specify the organisation
        --direction <string>: movefile -- specify the direction (down|up)
        --repeat <int>: movefile -- specify the distance [default: 1]
        --link <string>: addfile -- specify an optional Link attribute
        --compile <bool>: addfile -- should the file be compiled or not  [default: true]
        --help [-h|/h|/help|/?]: display this list of options.

Example Usage

Generate a new project

Use the init subcommand. One possible usage is:

<path to projekt>/projekt init MyProject.fsproj --template console --organisation MyOrganisation

Add a file to a project

To add the file MyFile.fs to the project MyProject.fsproj (where both are in the current directory), the following command should be used:

<path to projekt>/projekt addfile MyProject.fsproj MyFile.fs

Change order of files in a project

The order of compilation is important in F# projects. The previous command would add the file MyFile.fs as the last file in the project. To move the file MyFile.fs up by two, use:

<path to projekt>/projekt movefile MyProject.fsproj MyFile.fs --direction up --repeat 2

Reference another project

Use the reference command:

<path to projekt>/projekt reference MyProject.fsproj ../AnotherProject/AnotherProject.fsproj 

Contributing and copyright

The project is hosted on GitHub where you can report issues, fork the project and submit pull requests.

Please see the Quick contributing guide in the README for contribution guidelines.

The library is available under MIT license, which allows modification and redistribution for both commercial and non-commercial purposes. For more information see the License file.

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