FSharpx.Functional Namespace

Type/Module Description

Enumeratee<'ChunkOut, 'ChunkIn, 'T>

An enumeratee is an enumerator that produces an iteratee using another iteratee as input. Enumeratees can be used for tasks such as encoding or encrypting data.


Enumerator<'Chunk, 'T>

An enumerator generates a stream of data and feeds an iteratee, returning a new iteratee.


Iteratee<'Chunk, 'T>

The iteratee is a stream consumer that will consume a stream of data until either it receives an EOF or meets its own requirements for consuming data. The iteratee will return Continue whenever it is ready to receive the next chunk. An iteratee is fed data by an Enumerator, which generates a Stream.


Lens<'T, 'U>


A stream of chunks of data generated by an Enumerator. The stream can be composed of chunks of 'T, empty blocks indicating a wait, or an EOF marker. Be aware that when using #seq<_> types, you will need to check for both Seq.empty ([]) and Empty.