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Fabulous for Xamarin.Forms

Pitfalls and F# 5.0 support

topic last updated: v1.0 - 04.04.2021 - 02:51pm

Here are some common pitfalls you might encounter when using Fabulous.

Can Fabulous target .NET 5 / use .NET 5 libraries?

Microsoft announced .NET 5 along with F# 5.0 during .NET Conf 2020.

Before .NET 5 came, there were 3 differents .NET frameworks: .NET Framework, .NET Core and Mono.
Historically, all Xamarin projects (Android, iOS, macOS and many other) run on Mono.
Since Fabulous.XamarinForms is built on top of Xamarin.Forms, it also shares the same framework.

This new framework marks the deprecation of .NET Framework in favor of .NET Core, this replacement is done under a new name: .NET 5.
For the moment, Mono is still an independent framework and hence is not compatible with .NET 5.

Microsoft is planning to retire Mono and use the same framework for everything including Xamarin when .NET 6 comes out (planned for the end of 2021).

In the meantime, it is recommended you target either .NET Standard 2.0 or 2.1 so you can share code between .NET 5 apps and Fabulous apps.

Can Fabulous use F# 5.0?

You can use any of the new features of F# 5.0 with Fabulous.

But the reality of the moment is that the support is largely dependent on your IDE.

As of January 2021, here is the support level we noticed for the various IDEs: