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Fabulous for Xamarin.Forms

Multi-page Applications and Navigation

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Multiple pages are generated as part of the overall view. Five multi-page navigation models are shown in the AllControls sample:

The basic principles of implementing push/pop navigation are as follows:

  1. Keep some information in your model indicating the page stack (e.g. a list of page identifiers or page models)
  2. Return the current visual page stack in the pages property of NavigationPage.
  3. Set HasNavigationBar and HasBackButton on each sub-page according to your desire
  4. Dispatch messages in order to navigate, where the corresponding update adjusts the page stack in the model
  5. Utilize popped event to handle page removal
let view model dispatch =
        [ for page in model.PageStack do
            match page with
            | "Home" ->
                yield View.ContentPage(...).HasNavigationBar(true).HasBackButton(true)
            | "PageA" ->
                yield View.ContentPage(...).HasNavigationBar(true).HasBackButton(true)
            | "PageB" ->
                yield View.ContentPage(...).HasNavigationBar(true).HasBackButton(true)
        popped = (fun _ -> dispatch NavigationPopped))

A toolbar can be added to a navigation page using .ToolbarItems([ ... ]) as follows:

let view model dispatch =
    View.NavigationPage(pages =
        [ View.ContentPage(...)
            .ToolbarItems([View.ToolbarItem(text = "About", command = (fun () -> dispatch (ShowAbout true))) ] )

Example: Modal pages by pushing an extra page

A modal page can be achieved by yielding an additional page in the NavigationPage. For example, here is an “About” page example:

type Model =
    { ShowAbout: bool

type Msg =
    | ...
    | ShowAbout of bool

let view model dispatch =
    let rootPage dispatch =
        View.ContentPage(title = "Root Page", content = View.Button(text = "About", command = (fun () -> dispatch (ShowAbout true))))

    let modalPage dispatch =
        View.ContentPage(title = "About",
            content= View.StackLayout(
                children = [
                    View.Label(text = "Fabulous!")
                    View.Button(text = "Continue", command = (fun () -> dispatch (ShowAbout false) ))

        [ yield rootPage dispatch
          if model.ShowAbout then
              yield modalPage dispatch

TabbedPage navigation

Return a TabbedPage from your view:

let view model dispatch =
    View.TabbedPage(children = [ ... ])

CarouselPage navigation

Return a CarouselPage from your view:

let view model dispatch =
    View.CarouselPage(children = [ ... ])

MasterDetail Page navigation

Return a FlyoutPage from your view:

let view model dispatch =
        flyout = View.ContentPage(title ="flyoutPage", ...), // 'title' is needed for the flyout page
        detail = View.ContentPage(...)        

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