Fabulous for Xamarin.Forms

Multi-page Applications and Navigation

Multiple pages are generated as part of the overall view. Five multi-page navigation models are shown in the AllControls sample:

The basic principles of implementing push/pop navigation are as follows:

  1. Keep some information in your model indicating the page stack (e.g. a list of page identifiers or page models)
  2. Return the current visual page stack in the pages property of NavigationPage.
  3. Set HasNavigationBar and HasBackButton on each sub-page according to your desire
  4. Dispatch messages in order to navigate, where the corresponding update adjusts the page stack in the model
let view model dispatch =
        [ for page in model.PageStack do
            match page with
            | "Home" ->
                yield View.ContentPage(...).HasNavigationBar(true).HasBackButton(true)
            | "PageA" ->
                yield View.ContentPage(...).HasNavigationBar(true).HasBackButton(true)
            | "PageB" ->
                yield View.ContentPage(...).HasNavigationBar(true).HasBackButton(true)

A toolbar can be added to a navigation page using .ToolbarItems([ ... ]) as follows:

let view model dispatch =
    View.NavigationPage(pages =
        [ View.ContentPage(...)
            .ToolbarItems([View.ToolbarItem(text = "About", command = (fun () -> dispatch (ShowAbout true))) ] )

Example: Modal pages by pushing an extra page

A modal page can be achieved by yielding an additional page in the NavigationPage. For example, here is an “About” page example:

type Model =
    { ShowAbout: bool

type Msg =
    | ...
    | ShowAbout of bool

let view model dispatch =
    let rootPage dispatch =
        View.ContentPage(title = "Root Page", content = View.Button(text = "About", command = (fun () -> dispatch (ShowAbout true))))

    let modalPage dispatch =
        View.ContentPage(title = "About",
            content= View.StackLayout(
                children = [
                    View.Label(text = "Fabulous!")
                    View.Button(text = "Continue", command = (fun () -> dispatch (ShowAbout false) ))

        [ yield rootPage dispatch
          if model.ShowAbout then
              yield modalPage dispatch

TabbedPage navigation

Return a TabbedPage from your view:

let view model dispatch =
    View.TabbedPage(children = [ ... ])

CarouselPage navigation

Return a CarouselPage from your view:

let view model dispatch =
    View.CarouselPage(children = [ ... ])

MasterDetail Page navigation

Return a MasterDetailPage from your view, choosing the appropriate MasterBehavior:

let view model dispatch =
        master = View.ContentPage(...),
        detail = View.ContentPage(...))

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