F# generative Type Provider for Swagger!

Supports Swagger 2.0

SwaggerProvider supports only Swagger 2.0 specification and uses unified code generator to provide seamless experience for JSON and YAML format.

Supports ASP.NET Web API

SwaggerProvider is tested with ASP.NET WebAPI APIs schemas generated by Swashbuckle. Add Swagger schema and Swagger UI to your Web API using 3 lines of code.

Compatible with APIs.guru schemas

SwaggerProvider is tested on several hundreds schemas available in APIs.guru (Wikipedia for WEB APIs). Exception free parsing and codegen is guaranteed.


Try SwaggerProvider today and check out our awesome plans. We welcome contributions (expecially cross-plat support), new ideas and words spread.

Getting started with SwaggerProvider

SwaggerProvider has been released to !

You can install it by typing:

        PM> Install-Package SwaggerProvider

Try SwaggerProvider today!


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