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URLs (Line Breaks and Comments):

You can split URL query parameters or comment lines out by using F# line-comment syntax. Line breaks and trailing or leading spaces will be removed:

http {
    GET "https://mysite
|> Request.send

Query Parameters

It's also possible to specify query params in a list:

http {
    GET "https://mysite"
    query [
        "page", "2"
        "name", "Hans"
|> Request.send

Please note: Using F# version 5 or lower, an upcast of the parameter values is needed!

namespace FsHttp
Multiple items
static member HttpBuilder.http: HeaderContext

property HttpBuilder.http: HeaderContext with get
custom operation: GET (string) Calls IRequestContext.Get
Multiple items
module Request from FsHttp.Print

module Request from FsHttp

type Request = { header: Header content: BodyContent config: Config printHint: PrintHint }
val send: request: IToRequest -> Response
<summary> Sends a request synchronously. </summary>
custom operation: query ((string * string) list) Calls IRequestContext.Query
<summary> Append query params </summary>

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