Some Legacy F# TypeProviders

Some Legacy F# TypeProviders

The Legacy F# Type Providers SqlDataConnection, SqlEntityConnection, ODataService, WsdlService, DbmlFile and EdmxFile using .NET Framework generators.

These are considered legacy. They are implemented using old .NET Framework code generators (~2006 technology) which haven't been updated for some time. These may only be used within .NET Framework projects, and require the .NET Framework F# compiler, which is now only available as part of Visual Studio and its Build TOols, and is not available in the .NET SDK. If using these type providers with F# scripting inside VIsual Studio you should also enable .NET Framework scripting by default in the F# options.

  • If you are using these type providers you could consider moving to a different data access technique.
  • For up-to-date type providers see F# Data Access Guide and search on the web.
  • For WSDL see FSharp.Data.WsdlProvider
  • For modern WebAPIs see FSharp.Data and also SwaggerProvider.
The FSharp.Data.TypeProviders library can be installed from NuGet:
PM> Install-Package FSharp.Data.TypeProviders

NOTE: Use FSharp.Data.TypeProviders instead of Microsoft.FSharp.Data.TypeProviders

This component contains the following F# type providers:

  • EdmxFile - Provides the types to access a database with the schema in an .edmx file, using a LINQ to Entities mapping.

  • ODataService - Provides the types to access an OData service.

  • SqlDataConnection - Provides the types to access a SQL database.

  • SqlEntityConnection - Provides the types to access a database, using a LINQ to Entities mapping.

  • WsdlService - Provides the types for a Web Services Description Language (WSDL) web service.

  • DbmlFile - Provides the types for a database schema encoded in a .dbml file.


This component was shipped in the Visual F# Tools for Visual Studio 2012-2015 at version
This repository implemented versions and above. **The component is now considered legacy.**

Referencing the library

Reference the library as shown below.

#r "FSharp.Data.TypeProviders.dll"
open FSharp.Data.TypeProviders

Contributing and copyright

The library is available under the Apache 2.0 license, which allows modification and redistribution for both commercial and non-commercial purposes. For more information see the License file in the GitHub repository.

Multiple items
namespace FSharp

namespace Microsoft.FSharp
Multiple items
namespace FSharp.Data

namespace Microsoft.FSharp.Data
namespace FSharp.Data.TypeProviders
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