Dependency management using Paket

By default ProjectScaffold uses Paket to manage NuGet packages. This gives you a sane way to manage your dependencies, especially in solutions that contain F# projects or have lots of dependencies.

Package restore

The build process will use .paket/paket.bootstrapper.exe to download the latest paket.exe. It then looks into the paket.lock file and restores all listed NuGet packages into the packages folder. This folder is listed in .gitignore, so you don't have to worry about accidentally commiting binaries.

Updating packages

If you want to update your package dependencies just run:

$ .paket/paket.exe update

This will update the packages in the paket.lock file.

Installing new packages

In order to install new packages you can use the paket add command:

$ .paket/paket.exe add nuget PACKAGENAME [version VERSION] -i

This will update the paket.dependencies file and allow you to select the projects for which you want to install the package:

alt text

More details can be found in the Paket documentation.

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