Writing documentation

ProjectScaffold allows to you generate HTML documentation similar to this page using FSharp.Formatting.

The docs/tools/generate.fsx file controls the generation of narrative and API documentation. For most projects, you'll simply need to edit some values located at the top of the file.

The relevant settings are as follows:

  • referenceBinaries - A list of the binaries for which documentation should be created. The files listed should each have a corresponding XMLDoc file emitted into the bin folder as part of the build process.
  • website - The root URL to which the generated documentation should be uploaded. In the included example, this points to the GitHub Pages root for this project.
  • info - A list of key/value pairs which further describe the details of your project. This list is exporteded to docs/tools/templates/template.cshtml file for data-binding purposes.

Markdown files

The project is configured to convert all *.md and *.fsx files in docs/content to HTML pages and emit the results into docs/output. The docs/content/index.fsx file acts as a starting point. Use this file to provide a narrative overview of your project.

You can include Markdown and actual executable F# code in the files.

The process for editing documentation is to start a continuous documentation generation loop:

$ build KeepRunning

This starts the FSharp.Formatting process.

alt text

Now open docs/output/index.html and start to edit the files in docs/content. The build script will continuously sync the output automatically; you just have to refresh the browser.

Press any key in command line window to end the loop.

API docs

ProjectScaffold generates a build target that automatically generates nice looking API docs for your assemblies.

To configure this process look into docs/tools/generate.fsx and look for:

let referenceBinaries = [ "##ProjectName##.dll" ]

This will be configured automatically during the init process, but you can add more libraries if you want. In order to trigger the generation process run:

$ build GenerateReferenceDocs

The result will be nice looking docs like the following sample:

alt text

As you can see it can even create links back to your source code on

Changing the layout

The layout is determined by the docs/tools/templates/template.cshtml file. It uses the Razor templating engine, and leverages jQuery and Bootstrap. Change this file to alter the non-content aspects of your documentation.

Release process

Make sure you have a gh-pages branch locally. If it doesn't exist, then just create it.

In order to release the docs run:

$ build ReleaseDocs

This will start the build process and FSharp.Formatting again. The output will then be pushed to your gh-pages branch where GitHub will pick it up and complete the release process.

The release of the documentation is also done during the Release process.

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