F# Formatting: Documentation Tools for F# Code

FSharp.Formatting is a set of libraries and tools for processing F# script files, markdown and for generating API documentation. F# Formatting package is used by this project and many other repositories.

To use the tool, install and use the fsdocs tool in a typical F# project with F# project files plus markdown and script content in the docs directory:

dotnet tool install fsdocs-tool
dotnet fsdocs build 
dotnet fsdocs watch

To use the tool, explore the following topics:

Using FSharp.Formatting as a library

F# Formatting is also available on NuGet as a set of libraries.

More information

The documentation for this library is generated automatically using the tools built here. If you spot a typo, please submit a pull request! The source Markdown and F# script files are available in the docs folder on GitHub.

The project is hosted on GitHub where you can report issues, fork the project and submit pull requests. See the License file in the GitHub repository.