F# Formatting: Documentation tools

The F# Formatting libraries (FSharp.CodeFormat.dll, FSharp.Markdown.dll and FSharp.Literate.dll) include an F# implementation of a Markdown parser and an F# code formatter that can be used to tokenize F# code and obtain information about tokens including tool-tips (as in Visual Studio and MonoDevelop) with type information. The package also comes with a sample that implements literate programming for F# (and was used to generate this documentation).

  • The F# Formatting package is used by the ProjectScaffold template that is used by a large number of open source .NET projects. If you're interested in using F# Formatting for generating documentation for your project, then starting with ProjectScaffold is the best option.

  • The F# Formatting package is available on NuGet, so if you want to use some of its components (for blogging, Markdown parsing, or F# code formatting), then the best option is to get the package.

  • The NuGet package comes with a load script FSharp.Formatting.fsx that references all the required DLLs and paths. If you are calling F# Formatting from a script file, then it is recommended to use #load "FSharp.Formatting.fsx" as a future-proof way of referencing the library.

You can download the source as a ZIP file or download the compiled binaries as a ZIP.


The documentation for this library is generated automatically using the literate programming tools that are built on top of it and are described in the literate programming page. If you spot a typo, please submit a pull request! The source Markdown and F# script files are available in the docs folder on GitHub. I hope it is also a good sample showing how to write documentation for F# projects.

  • Literate programming - if you want to use the library to generate documentation for your projects or if you want to use it to write nicely formatted F# blog posts, then start here! This page describes the literate programming sample.

  • Output embedding provides more details on literate programming and explains how to embed results of a literate script file in the generated output. This way, you can easily format the results of running your code!

  • Markdown parser - this page provides more details about the F# Markdown processor that is available in this library. It includes some basic examples of document processing.

  • F# code formatting - this page provides more details about the F# code formatter; it discusses how to call it to obtain information about F# source files.

  • Library documentation tool - provides a brief documentation for a tool that generates nice HTML documentation from "XML comments" in your (not just) F# libraries. The tool is a replacement of FsHtmlDoc - it uses Razor for easy templating and handles comments written in Markdown too.

  • Contribute - how do I contribute?

More information

The project is hosted on GitHub where you can report issues, fork the project and submit pull requests. Thanks to Gustavo Guerra for a great build script and Steffen Forkmann for the great build tool FAKE. The library is available under Apache 2.0. For more information see the License file in the GitHub repository.

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