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Upgrading to fsdocs

Here are the typical steps to upgrade a repo based on ProjectScaffold to use fsdocs

  1. Run

    dotnet new tool
    dotnet tool install fsdocs-tool
  2. Delete all of docs\tools particularly docs\tool\generate.fsx. Keep a copy of any templates for reference as you'll have to copy some bits across to the new template.

  3. Put your docs directory so it reflects the final shape of the site. For example move the content of docs\input\* and docs\files\* directly to docs\*

  4. Follow the notes in styling to start to style your site.

  5. Run

    dotnet fsdocs watch

    and edit and test your docs.

  6. If using FAKE adjust build.fsx e.g.

    Target.create "GenerateDocs" (fun _ ->
       Shell.cleanDir ".fsdocs"
       DotNet.exec id "fsdocs" "build --clean" |> ignore
    Target.create "ReleaseDocs" (fun _ ->
        Git.Repository.clone "" projectRepo "temp/gh-pages"
        Git.Branches.checkoutBranch "temp/gh-pages" "gh-pages"
        Shell.copyRecursive "output" "temp/gh-pages" true |> printfn "%A"
        Git.CommandHelper.runSimpleGitCommand "temp/gh-pages" "add ." |> printfn "%s"
        let cmd = sprintf """commit -a -m "Update generated documentation for version %s""" release.NugetVersion
        Git.CommandHelper.runSimpleGitCommand "temp/gh-pages" cmd |> printfn "%s"
        Git.Branches.push "temp/gh-pages"
  7. Consider creating docs\_template.fsx and docs\_template.ipynb to enable co-generation of F# scripts and F# notebooks.

    If you add support for notebooks and scripts, consider adding mybinder links to each of your literate executable content pages. For example like this.

    Also add load sections to make sure your notebooks and scripts contain the right content to load packages out of repo. For example like this.

Sample commands:

dotnet tool install fsdocs-tool --local
git add dotnet-tools.json   
git rm -fr docs/tools
git mv docs/input/* docs
git mv docs/files/* docs

<manually download and fixup the _template.html>

dotnet fsdocs watch

touch docs/_template.fsx
touch docs/_template.ipynb
git add docs/_template.fsx
git add docs/_template.ipynb

Here is an example PR: https://github.com/fsprojects/FSharp.Control.AsyncSeq/pull/116

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