How to make a contribution

This is how you can make a "pull request", to suggest your modifications to be accepted to the code base.

1. Download or clone the repository to your computer.

(Or take git pull if you already have the repository.)


You need to get the .git folder inside the repository. If the download doesn't work you can use clone, which creates a separate folder and downloads the repository:

   git clone https://github.com/fsprojects/SQLProvider.git

2. Edit and Commit

Here are some tech details.

Do the modifications, check the build and tests are working. Commit the modifications to your local repository.

3. Fork the GitHub repository.

This will "copy" the repository for your account.


4. Get Your Url

In GitHub, go to your copy of the repository (under your profile, Repositories-tab) and under Download, get the repository url, e.g. https://github.com/myname/SqlProvider.git

5. Add a Remote

With command line, add a remote to your repository url:

   git remote add myrepo https://github.com/myname/SqlProvider.git

Use the name you want for repository and note your GitHub account in the url. You can check the remotes with git remote -v.

6. Push to Your Remote

Push the latest version to your repository with git push myrepo. You should see the modifications in GitHub under your repository.

7. Create a Pull Request

In GitHub under your repository press the Create pull request -button. By default, everything should be correct: Base-fork is the one where you want to send the modifications and head fork is your fork, so follow the wizard.


8. Done.

Your pull request should be visible under "Pull requests" -tab in original repository. When you do more commits, you can ignore parts 3, 4 and 5, they has to be done just once.

The process

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