Bugs and Feature Requests

Paket dependency manager

Did you find a bug or are you missing a feature? Please check the FAQ and feed the issue tracker.

Bugs for nuget.exe or the website

If you're having trouble with the Website, specific NuGet packages or NuGet clients other than Paket then please take a look at NuGet's contact site to find the corresponding issue tracker.

Quick contributing guide

  • Go to
  • Fork and clone locally.
  • Build the solution with Visual Studio, build.cmd or
  • Create a topic specific branch in git. Add a nice feature in the code or fix a bug. Do not forget to add tests and/or docs.
  • Run build.cmd ( on Mono) to make sure all tests are still passing.
  • Send a Pull Request.

If you want to contribute to the docs then please modify the markdown files in /docs/content and send a pull request. Note, that short description and syntax for each command is generated automatically from the Paket.Commands module.


Announcements and related miscellanea are usually done through Twitter (@PaketManager).

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