Paket installation

This guide will show you

  • How to set up Paket for a specific repository.
  • How to install Paket for Windows, Linux, or macOS.
  • How to ensure paket.exe is available via command line and other methods of use.
  • Install editor support.
  • Set up shell completion for Paket commands.

Installation on .NET Core

Global tool

Paket can be used a global tool

dotnet tool install --global Paket

Local tool

With the .NET Core 3 CLI, you can now use Local Tools.

dotnet new tool-manifest

dotnet tool install Paket

Don't forget to commit dotnet-tools.json to your source control.

Now you can run Paket with:

dotnet paket --help

Installation per repository

The most common use of Paket is as a command line tool inside your project repository.

  1. Create a .paket directory in the root of your solution.
  2. Download the latest paket.bootstrapper.exe into that directory.
  3. Run .paket/paket.bootstrapper.exe. It will download the latest paket.exe. > linux/osx: Run mono .paket/paket.bootstrapper.exe
  4. Commit .paket/paket.bootstrapper.exe into your repository and add .paket/paket.exe to your .gitignore file.

You can now run Paket from the command line:

.paket/paket.exe install

System-wide Installation

If you want to install Paket as a system-wide tool then the following guide will help you to get started.

Cloning the Paket repository

The first step for any operating system is to clone the Paket repository locally.

git clone

Then follow the instructions for building and installing for your preferred operating system.

Installation on Linux

For Linux the easiest way to get things installed is to clone the repository and run the build and install scripts as shown below.


After that completes execute the install, to install Paket as a command line utility.


The script will add Paket as a command line option into bash and most other shells available. If you are using a unique shell and run into problems, please post an issue so we can take a look.

Installation on macOS

For macOS the build and installation process is as follows.


After that completes execute the install, to install Paket as a command line utility.


Installation on Windows

Please install per repository.

Post installation

Once the basic installation is complete on your operating system of choice it is often very useful to add some tools to your shell/IDE/Text Editor of choice.

For next steps check out the Getting Started section.

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