The .paket directory

The .paket directory is used the same way a .nuget directory is used for the NuGet package restore.

Place this directory into the root of your repository. It should include the paket.targets and paket.bootstrapper.exe files which can be downloaded from GitHub. The bootstrapper will always download the latest version of the paket.exe file and it will be placed into the same directory.

Now, to install all the packages from the paket.dependencies file, just run the following command.

.paket/paket.exe install

The location of .paket directory and Paket related files is not bound to location of Visual Studio solution file. Paket does not read or look for any solution files. If you have multiple solutions in subdirectories of some root directory, then that root directory is a good place to create .paket directory and put the paket.dependencies file.

The .paket/paket.exe install command processes all directories under the root recursively and touch only those projects which have a respective paket.references files. When Paket encounters paket.dependencies files in subdirectories it ignores that subdirectory (and everything under it) entirely, implying that they use an independent paket.lock file and packages directory. The packages directory will be created at the root level for all projects under it.

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