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Paket solves dependency resolution very elegantly.

We at GROSSWEBER are fans of command line tools that serve a single purpose, like git. Paket is such a tool that works extremely well when compared to other solutions available on the .NET platform. We use Paket not only to manage dependencies, but also to create our own NuGet packages. All in an easy-to-use, consistent, reliable and fast way. Anybody who has been working with dependency managers on other platforms like npm, bundler and pip will be pleased to find a similar workflow with Paket.

We love what we do and with love comes passion. This passion drives us to actively engage in our client projects and to design and develop as if they were our own. Spreading the word about Paket in our trainings comes naturally.

Alexander Groß, GROSSWEBER

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Paket has removed the pain from disciplined dependency management.

15below started moving from copying binary dependencies around to nuget dependencies several years ago, and it's been a massive help with our internal coding discipline. But the time overheads added to development by versioned path merge conflicts and the confusion caused by multiple versions within solutions was becoming more and more of a pain point. It reached the stage where we were considering moving back to a method of working we knew was less efficient just to avoid the pain of the tooling.

Paket has removed the pain from disciplined dependency management. Sensible design for large, shared projects protects us from insane merge conflicts and on the few occasions that we have discovered bugs or missing features the clean codebase and responsive maintainers have enabled us to fill those gaps rapidly - often with a new release the same day.

Michael Newton (Technical Architect) @mavnn, 15below


Paket is a tool which makes it easy to manage enterprise application dependencies and component upgrades.

Basware Purchase to Pay is a large scale enterprise application for simplifying and streamlining key financial processes.

Managing the 3rd-party component dependencies over more than 100 solutions can be challenging, however Paket handles this well, and guarantees that the dll-libraries are all the correct version.

With over 80 third party components in use, Paket gives us a clear vision of the dependency tree. This helps when making work estimates for major component version upgrades. Before taking Paket into use, making work estimates for component upgrades was painful, as the dependencies were not always clearly understood.

Tuomas Hietanen (Lead Software Engineer) Basware


Paket has improved the productivity of our teams by reducing the dependency management overhead we had been experiencing with NuGet.

Betgenius is a data provider to the sports betting industry with peak load exceeding 100,000 messages/second. Our software architecture is highly distributed to facilitate business demands for scalability which means we are currently building around 150 .NET solutions. Using an internal NuGet repository we share our internal and 3rd party dependencies. Trying to achieve continuous integration with the out-of-the-box NuGet client is next to impossible at this scale due to NuGet's clumsy version management implementation.

Paket has enabled us to explicitly define our constraints and forces us to think about how we want our dependencies to look. The Paket client is much more intuitive. It is vastly quicker at performing updates than the NuGet client and we don't have a constant stream of csproj updates to change the reference paths. Another huge benefit we got from using Paket is that the paket pack command creates a much better defined package than the NuGet pack. Paket inspects your dependencies file and uses that to put strict constraints into the nuspec file unlike the much less advanced NuGet client.

Chris Haines (Development Team Lead) @cjbhaines, Betgenius


Paket is an excellent dependency management and package authoring tool that has greatly improved our productivity.

Nessos is an Athens, Greece based ISV and consultancy focused on .NET/F# technologies with expertise in tailored business applications and scalable computation. Nessos is a major contributor in .NET open source software and is author and primary contributor of the MBrace distributed computation library.

Paket has enabled us to quickly and effectively control dependencies in large and complicated projects we have been developing both in-house and in our open source development. Its simple design philosophy is an excellent match to FAKE and git and is ideal for cross platform development. Special mention needs to made of paket pack: we heavily modularize our code in small nuget packages that need to be updated often. The default nuget tooling for authoring packages was cumbersome to use since dependency constraints needed to be edited by hand. This often resulted in accidental releases of dud packages. Packet pack does away with that concern; authoring a package update now takes less than 10 seconds of manual work.

Eirik Tsarpalis (Nessos R&D) @eiriktsarpalis, Nessos

Rhein-Spree Software Engineering GmbH

Paket enabled us to share code between repositories and solutions without the need to create new packages every time something changed.

Rhein-Spree is software services and consulting company from Berlin with teammates in Leipzig, Dresden and Düsseldorf. We are focused on .NET Technologies with great results.

When it comes to dependency management in growing environment with multiple solutions etc. we felt the pain of inconsistent resolution of package versions across the repository. It got even harder as the solutions grew. At some point we decided to give Paket a try and what should we say... We had some work in getting the dependencies file correct and then it worked like a charm. Even better. We also started to use the git functionality of Paket in referencing other git repositories. This enabled us to share code between repositories and solutions without the need to create new packages everytime something changed.

So the time we needed to resolves versioning issues has decreased tremendously.

Great work, please keep it up!

Sebastian Brandt, Rhein-Spree

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