Paket support for Credential Providers

Support for Credential Providers needs at least Paket version 5.145.0

Paket supports Credential Providers through the same interface as NuGet.

Paket extends the definition and allows to run FDD-NetCore applications to run as well (*.dll files!), so Paket additionally searches for CredentialProvider*.dll files in the given paths. For this to work Paket needs to be able to resolve a dotnet executable from the PATH variable.

VSTS Credential Providers


For regular paket users installing Credential Providers works the same as for the NuGet client. If you have already installed Credential Providers in %LOCALAPPDATA%\NuGet\CredentialProviders paket should pick them up immediatly.

Example VSTS:

  1. Download the credential providers from your VSTS Instance. VSTS Credential Providers
  2. Extract the CredentialProvider.VSS.exe file into the above path (%LOCALAPPDATA%\NuGet\CredentialProviders)
  3. use paket normally (without password in paket.dependencies and config) and enter the password in the provided dialog.


There are two options to use Credential Providers in your build agent:

  1. Either install a global Credential Provider on your agent
  2. Use Tasks to provide Credential Providers as part of your build.

Example VSTS:

Install on your TFS Add the "Setup Paket credential manager" build step before calling Paket. See more infos here

Note: Disable failing on standard error for your build step calling paket. Disable Failing on Standard Error

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