Namespace: Paket

Functions and values

Function or valueDescription
findLocalPackage (...)
Signature: directory:string -> packageName:PackageName -> version:SemVerInfo -> FileInfo
getAllVersionsFromLocalPath (...)
Signature: (isCache:bool * localNugetPath:string * package:PackageName * alternativeProjectRoot:string option * root:string) -> NuGetRequestGetVersions

Gets versions of the given package from local NuGet feed.

getDetailsFromLocalNuGetPackage (...)
Signature: isCache:bool -> alternativeProjectRoot:string option -> root:string -> localNuGetPath:string -> packageName:PackageName -> version:SemVerInfo -> Async<ODataSearchResult>

Reads direct dependencies from a nupkg file

getNuSpecFromNupgk fileName
Signature: fileName:string -> Nuspec

Reads nuspec from nupkg

getPackageNameFromLocalFile fileName
Signature: fileName:string -> string

Reads package name from a nupkg file

parsePackageInfoFromFileName fileName
Signature: fileName:string -> (PackageName * SemVerInfo) option

Reads packageName and version from .nupkg file name

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