Namespace: Paket

Functions and values

Function or valueDescription
areCompatible projectRid assetRid g
Signature: projectRid:Rid -> assetRid:Rid -> g:RuntimeGraph -> bool

calculates whether the given assetRid is compatible with the given projectRid. consider a project targeting projectRid, this returns true if an asset with assetRid is comaptible.

findRuntimeDependencies (...)
Signature: rid:Rid -> packageName:PackageName -> g:RuntimeGraph -> (PackageName * VersionRequirement) list

return runtime depenendencies for the given package and runtime

getInheritanceList rid g
Signature: rid:Rid -> g:RuntimeGraph -> Rid list

get the list of compatible RIDs for the given RID. Most compatible are near the head. The list contains the given RID in the HEAD

getKnownRids g
Signature: g:RuntimeGraph -> seq<Rid>

get a list of RIDs in no particular order which are part of this runtime graph

getRuntimeGraphFromNugetCache (...)
Signature: root:string -> config:PackagesFolderGroupConfig option -> groupName:GroupName -> package:ResolvedPackage -> RuntimeGraph option

Downloads the given package into the nuget cache and read its runtime.json.

merge r1 r2
Signature: r1:RuntimeGraph -> r2:RuntimeGraph -> RuntimeGraph

merge two runtime graphs

mergeCompatibility s1 s2
Signature: s1:CompatibilityProfile -> s2:CompatibilityProfile -> CompatibilityProfile
mergeDescription d1 d2
Signature: d1:RuntimeDescription -> d2:RuntimeDescription -> RuntimeDescription
mergeSeq s
Signature: s:seq<RuntimeGraph> -> RuntimeGraph

merge a sequence of runtime graphs

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