Namespace: Paket

Nested types and modules


Functions and values

Function or valueDescription
buildSupportMap supportMap p
Signature: supportMap:SupportMap -> p:PortableProfileType -> PortableProfileType list
createInitialSupportMap ()
Signature: unit -> ConcurrentDictionary<PortableProfileType,PortableProfileType list>
filterMap pos supportMap
Signature: pos:int -> supportMap:SupportMap -> SupportMap
findPortable warn fws
Signature: warn:bool -> fws:FrameworkIdentifier list -> TargetProfile
Signature: TargetProfile -> Set<TargetProfile>
getSupported portable
Signature: portable:PortableProfileType -> TargetProfile list
getSupportedPlatforms x
Signature: x:TargetProfile -> Set<TargetProfile>
Signature: TargetProfile -> Set<TargetProfile>
getSupportedPreCalculated p
Signature: p:PortableProfileType -> PortableProfileType list
isSupportedBy x y
Signature: x:TargetProfile -> y:TargetProfile -> bool

true when x is supported by y, for example netstandard15 is supported by netcore10

isSupportedNotEqual portable other
Signature: portable:PortableProfileType -> other:PortableProfileType -> bool
ofSeq s
Signature: s:seq<'?11154 * '?11155> -> ConcurrentDictionary<'?11154,'?11155>
Type parameters: '?11154, '?11155
optimizeSupportMap supportMap
Signature: supportMap:SupportMap -> SupportMap
toSeq s
Signature: s:seq<KeyValuePair<'?11157,'?11158>> -> seq<'?11157 * '?11158>
Type parameters: '?11157, '?11158
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